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Japanese Matcha green tea & Health benefits.

Let’s explore 7 top benefits of matcha green tea:

1) Contains Lots of Antioxidants

Green tea is known for being healthy because of its antioxidants. One type of antioxidant that is abundant in green tea is called catechins. They supposedly have anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties to them. Of course, you can find antioxidants in all types of teas. But research shows that matcha green tea has more catechins than other teas do. If you were to drink 3 cups of matcha green tea, then you would consume a maximum of 400 milligrams of catechins. On the other hand, if you drank 3 cups of black tea or regular green tea, then you’d consume under 100 milligrams of catechins.

 2) Boosts Metabolism and Weight Loss

Green tea can help you lose weight. Several research studies suggest that green tea can boost your metabolism, which is how it helps you lose weight.  If you drink 3 to 4 cups of matcha green tea per day, you should experience a substantial amount of weight loss over the next 2 months.
Weight loss occurs from green tea for a variety of reasons. It boosts calorie burning through a process called thermogenesis. It burns body fat and turns it into energy, which is known as fat oxidation. Green tea also makes you less hungry as well.

 3) Lowers Stress

Stress is a normal feeling that we all experience every day. However, some of us experience stress more intensely and frequently than others. It can even cause us to feel excessively tired and weak in the middle of the day. The common response to stress-induced tiredness is to drink coffee in order to get an energy boost from its high level of caffeine. But what you might not realize is that too much caffeine will cause your body to produce more stress hormones. Once that happens, you’ll feel more stressed rather than less stressed. That is why people feel edgy or jittery after they drink coffee. Even though there is a small amount of caffeine in green tea, it is not enough to increase stress hormone production in the body. In fact, green tea contains a natural substance that can reduce our stress and anxiety levels and increase our ability to concentrate more. This substance is called L-theanine. The great thing about L-theanine is that it can help you relax more, and it won’t even cause you to feel tired. That is why you should ditch your normal coffee routine and replace it with a nice cup of matcha tea.

4) Improves Brain Function

Matcha green tea has anti-aging properties that work to preserve your brain health. It’ll make sure you don’t suffer from any memory loss or other related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Research studies show that the catechins in matcha green tea are responsible for these benefits to the brain. They may stop amyloid plaque and phosphorylated tau protein accumulation, which is what causes cognitive decline in the first place. This affects your ability to learn, think, and reason.

 5) Stronger Bones

Many studies have shown that green tea and black tea can both strengthen the bones of the body. However, green tea is found to be more beneficial to bone strength than black tea. It reduces the cell count of the osteoclasts that diminish bone strength and increases the cell count of the osteoblasts that enhance bone strength.

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