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For seasonal and promotional products, we ask that you place your order using our dynamic order form. Each order form can be found under the relevant ‘product range’ page, on our website or fill out the order form at the contact page for example, if you’d like to place an order from our Christmas brochure, you can sent the order form by visiting www.vicconexports.com > Products > Seasonal > Christmas – and the order form will be available ( Sent and Enquiry ) on that page, at the click of a button. You can also email us at info@vicconexports.com

Please contact us Vis email , contact form or call at anytime and tell us your requirements in details , then we will sent you a Quote sign it and send it back to us and your order will be placed , Alternatively you can place an order directly with Alibaba.

Yes, our minimum order quantities for our ranges are as follows: Everyday: 200 cases (product codes begin with 1) Chill: 30 cases (product codes begin with 3) Freeze: 30 cases (product codes begin with 2) Speciality: $400 (product codes begin with 4) Health: $400 (product codes begin with A)

Great, you can contact our sales team at info@vicconexports.com who will be able to give you an insight into ordering and answer any questions you may have.

Every delivery time is different, depending on: the type of products you’ve ordered, the size of your order and which transport method you’ve chosen. We ensure that your delivery arrives with you as quickly and effectively as possible, making sure that the quality isn’t compromised. Please contact your Customer Service Export Advisor on +91 799 410 41 31 for the specific timescales of your order.

Yes, we offer the complete supply chain solution, which includes reprocessing, product data & compliance, relabelling, ordering flexibility, logistics and transport. Contact our Customer Service Team on +91 799 410 4131 ; they will be more than happy to arrange delivery for you.

Yes we Export to 190 countries across the globe.

We currently export to 190 countries worldwide, on every continent. Some of the many countries we export to include: USA, Germany, France, Barbados, Canada, Fiji, Vietnam, Finland, China, Canary Islands, Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and much more please contact support for further assistance at info@vicconexports.com

Viccon Exports has a team with extensive experience in product data and compliance. It will ensure the conformity of your export delivery in your country.

Yes, our multi-lingual team speak a total of 21 different languages and we can translate labels into any language you require.

Our Head office based at Kerala India however we have three additional offices at Melbourne Australia & FIji and currently expanding to open at Europe and Srilanka.

We are India's leading wholesale exporter of Indian commodity & consumer goods , custom goods grocery brands, selling over 150 products to more than 200 regular customers in 190 countries worldwide.

We specialise in export, selling products to customers all over the world, from Spain and Australia to the Fiji,Caribbean and Poland. We also offer the complete supply chain solution, covering logistics, data compliance, relabelling, ingredient translations and category management.



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