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We collaborate closely with our supply partners to drive improvement throughout the value chain

Trust, transparency, and control

Our Sourcing Program for Innovation and Collaborative Entrepreneurship offers you an easy and open way to propose your ideas to Viccon and bring them to the attention of our innovation leaders. Let’s enhance our growth prospects by working together!

Simplifying the way we work together

To ensure that the interaction with Viccon is efficient and productive, we provide our suppliers with tools designed to improve collaboration and communication, drive performance, foster innovation and enable faster decision-making.


Here is why

Viccon is Different !

1. Contact

Call us

Tell us more about your product in detail, and what would you like to achieve ? Do you happen to have large or small production of some sort? If yes then see what Viccon could do for you.

2. Inspection

Let us visit you

Our team will visit your factory or farm and will make a detailed report about , Quality control, Food safety and your High quality production capabilities. which then requires an approval.

3. Quality


Upon approval we may ask you to change some features to ensure the International standards and quality Control is met, Then you will go through a detailed Induction Course.

4. Global Market


We will sell and promote your product’s globally to our clients and our sources and we will give you constant work after a contract is signed between Viccon & your firm. 


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